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Magazù, the painter who teaches to love man and nature. 

Edited by Professor Giorgio Barberis

From the national newspaper “Il Giornale” , Friday 11th December 2005

Domenico Magazù has already attracted so many collectors and lovers of figurative and verist art.
He was born in Mondovì (Cuneo). Since he was a boy he had a particular interest in drawing and painting. It increased in time and from the very beginning he became closer to nature and his palette more peculiar.

The friendship with painters like Pirotti, Mana, Remigante, Libero Nada and the study of the great painters of the past made sure that Mister Magazù found the right atmosphere to his artistic dreams, a true, poetic and lasting reality.
As far as we know, art is not within everyone reach: it is a theory to discredit. Both the painter and the observer has to pay a price and, in this case, Mister Magazù paid more than he thought, but he succeeded in satisfying his supporters.
On one of his art exhibition pamphlet we can read: ”Between the ecstasy, the cosmic perceptions, the futuristic messages of the so called modern painting, Mister Magazù wanted, want and will want to remain a verist painter”.
As we get to know the painter and his way of painting, mostly about the landscape art, we are able to find out his feelings of frankness, his clearness and his joy of living.
Everything in order to admire and love the daily, to listen to the misterious voices of nature and answer with romantic brush-strokes in his peculiar way of painting.
His favourite themes range over many fields, from green valleys, high mountains, silvery rivers, countries and warm houses where man and nature are not in antithesis, but talk together combining with singleness of purpose. So paintings as “Vecchia Dogliani”, “Soleil Couchant” or “Colori d’autunno” consciously or not recall ancient rhytmes. In front of the blank canvas both the painter and the observer stand still, the first one to remember us an upright world, the second one happy to see and appreciate what, thanks to Master Magazù’s high sensitiveness, is surrounding us and has to be supported.

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