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Domenico Magazù has got a trained pictorial sense, a high connection to reality and a straightforward expressivity.
Landscape and figure give him a wonderful sight, to express the natural world effectiveness, the painter’s joy and ecstasy.
Listening to the misterious voices of nature, he masterly brush-stroke a mountain view, an expanse of snow, the ancient wall of his native country, mountain refuges or a poetic lake landscape.
The seriousness and great care of his paintings made him well aware of colours matchings, perspective, poetic atmosphere and light.
Consciously or not his art recalls ancient rhytmes, but in front of the blank canvas he remains alone... him, the painter of the wonderful Piedmontese scenery.
The peacefulness of his art make you feel at your ease and exploring untrodden path, walking in high snow or taking a rest under the shadow of a big tree or a mountain refuge, he is grateful to those artists that showed him the way to an art close to nature.
His paintings are plunged in every day reality permeating with a romantic realism. His brush works with a great passion looking for natural beauties to recreate the painter conscience and an evocative lyricism.
(Antonio Oberti )

"Domenico Magazù’s landascapes voice a natural phenomena quest.
Everything’s solved in a chromatic and aesthetics vision: the balance between the parts of a building complex.
He expresses in his paintings the charge of his architectural sensibility and syntheticism to whom everything has to be sacrificed.
Nature, particularly houses and trees, becomes an artistic representation.
The only way to share Magazù’s way of painting is to become aware of his work of art, so full of a new and real pathos depicting everyday life.
Emotional achievements coming not only from a spirit of observation but also from an analysis in time and space of reality.
A reality giving even newer and intense emotions to the audience".
(L. Botto)

"Magazù’s warm palette supports both his desire of escape in surroundings suffused with lyricism and the careful study of his pictorial language evolution, not stopping to a well-accomplished root.
This says a lot for his constant consciousness not only of the naturalistic element but also of the conventional one.
Perception and immediacy emotionally involved the painter and are part of his pictorial personality."
(A. Dragone)

"In Magazù’s paintings you are aware of the massive impressionist school; great spaces, deepness, style, wide and rich brush-strokes, warm and sensitive shades, soft and gently chromatism come to life in his canvas.
His subjects sweep in green valleys, high mountains, silver rivers, countries and sweet homes full of love; man is the centre of the natural enviroment in Magazù’s paintings.
He does not consider necessary to follow the avant-garde experiments and stays away from any kind of oddness and preposterous attempts.
The “real” is observed, seeped and eventually painted to secure it in something poetic and chromatic giving us all the emotions nature exhales."
(G. Barberis)

"Domenico Magazù’s painting is measured by a clear vision of reality, perceived in its basic meanings, but relived through a inner participation before being fixed with energy on the canvas.
Visions of living landscapes reveal themselves in a vivid and chromatic description, coming from the painter’s observation en plein air, seeping through personal emotion."
(S. Perdicaro)

"A bright and winning painting, attracting you at first sight and being able to catch subjects in a natural and realistic way, fixing on canvas typical landscapes and foreshortenings, always marked out by a lively and poetic inspiration."
(G. Martino)